[Album Review + Stream] Ceterum – Fathom

Cleveland’s Ceterum brings the heavy dissonance with their debut full-length album “Fathom”.

After years of lineup changes, relocations and aural refinements, Ceterum has found a home in Cleveland. With the assistance of the likes of Ante Up Audio producers Jim Stewart (Ohio Sky) and Michael Seifert (Dave Matthews Band, Mr. Gnome) the band has released their debut full-length, FathomIf one can get past its flaws, the album is a well-polished heavy rock experience that encompasses a full range of emotions and musicality – most definitely worth checking out. Continue reading

[Preview] Ohio Sky – This House is Old and Filled with Ghosts (EP)

The Ohio Sky continue to create. (Photo illustration: Ohio Sky)

Ohio Sky has a new EP coming to an iTunes store near you – “This House is Old and Filled with Ghosts” represents the latest from the band, and judging from the teaser trailer, the amazing sounds that the group recorded on their previous full-length, “Curses” continue on this recording. Continue reading

[Album Review + Stream] Ohio Sky – Curses

Wake up, you’ve been dreaming….

Cleveland psychadelic-rockers Ohio Sky have been hard at work lately. The object of their labor is the forthcoming full-length release Curses, a spacey rock album that is at times floaty and intimate, while heavy at others, and at all times powerfully stated. Continue reading

[Album Review] Rob Montague and the Flat Earth Society – Farewell Song

Rob Montague (Vocals, Guitars)

Cleveland native Rob Montague (Bro Jovi, Ohio Sky, Shenoah) is back with a new sound. Farewell Song, a 13-track album recorded over a five-year period at Lakewood’s Conquistador Studios. Montague has displayed good musical vision in his past projects, reason enough for any fan of independent alternative rock to give this album a listen.

Continue reading