[Album Review] Marrok – Days of Mercury

Marrok is Austrian for punching an aesthetically pleasing hole through your face with music. (Album Art courtesy of Marrok)

Brutal. Groovetastic. Exciting. Melodic. All accurate words to describe the new release from Austrian industrial / metal outfit Marrok, titled Days of Mercury. Showing inspiration from such American metal acts as Slipknot and Dream Theater, this album is proof positive that the group are a musical force to be reckoned with. That is, for the modern metal fan who prefers a heavy dose of melody shrouded over a pounding groove rounded out by electronic elements that serve to accent but never overpower the overall metallic feel. Continue reading


[Album Review] Solipsist – Extinction Protocol (EP)

The Extinction Protocol is upon us... (Album Art - Dave Vezdos, Solipsist)

Shredtastic. Brutal. Groovin’. All of the aforementioned are words that accurately describe the new EP from Solipsist, titled “Extinction Protocol”. The tracks on the album prove that thrash is alive and well here in Cleveland, and brutal as ever! Continue reading

[Album Review] Deadiron – Out of the Rust and Ruin

Cleveland’s Deadiron has a new level of brutality for you to explore.. (Photo courtesy of Deadiron)

In Out of the Rust and Ruin, Cleveland thrashers Deadiron saddle up their (metaphorical) steeds and present a well-rounded metallic sound; a sound synthesis of its members’ diverse musical influences.The debut full-length album from the group is indeed as powerful as the brutal album art (shown above). Continue reading

[Album Review] Scott Weiland – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Scott Weiland with Stone Temple Pilots in Cleveland on 8.22.10 (Photo Credit: Gene Natale / Radio 92.3)

Scott Weiland has a special gift for music fans this Christmas season: his new album The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is a collection of 10 holiday musical classics is now available for a listen this holiday season. While it may be an unexpected surprise to see such an album from a rocker like Weiland, it is certainly not unwelcome. Continue reading

[Concert Review + Setlists] Dawn Lights, 2nd Half and Americanrockstar at Brother’s Lounge 10.21.11

Dawn Lights, shown dominating Brother's Lounge. (Photo: Gene Natale / WJCU)

A once-in-a-lifetime event occurred at Brother’s Lounge on Cleveland’s west side last Friday, as Cleveland rock band Dawn Lights performed in the group’s first and only concert ever, supported by 2nd Half and Americanrockstar. For the 200+ rowdy fans in attendance, the event truly was a special (and rocking) experience. Continue reading

[Album Review + Stream] Ohio Sky – Curses

Wake up, you’ve been dreaming….

Cleveland psychadelic-rockers Ohio Sky have been hard at work lately. The object of their labor is the forthcoming full-length release Curses, a spacey rock album that is at times floaty and intimate, while heavy at others, and at all times powerfully stated. Continue reading

[Album Review] Staind – (Self-titled)

Alt-rock heavyweights Staind are back with their seventh studio album, and have taken things in a decidedly darker/heavier direction not seen since the self-released “Tormented”. That album was released only a year after the band’s formation and was a bit rough in some respects. In comparison, this album is heavy, polished, and melodic, while abrasive in all the right ways. Continue reading