[Album Review] Dawn Lights – Exaggerate the Distance

Dawn Lights - songs from outer space. (Photo Courtesy of Dawn Lights)

Dawn Lights – songs from outer space. (Photo Courtesy of Dawn Lights)

Dawn Lights is a collaboration between one multi-instrumentalist (Dean Johnson) one vocalist/lyricist (Eric Hess) who bring layered melodies with a heavy edge and driving beat to the musical table. The new album Exaggerate the Distance is the second act in this musical adventure that is available to any listener out there who chooses to have the experience. It’s a solid rock album that many people probably don’t know about, because Johnson and Hess create for the love of the art. Continue reading

[Show Preview] Dawn Lights, 2nd Half, American Rockstar on THE ROCK 10.15.11

Dawn Lights (Photo Credit: Jocelyn Petruccio)

Check it out! Tonight on The Rock on 88.7 fm WJCU, I’ll be welcoming members of Dawn Lights, 2nd Half, and American Rockstar into the studio. On topic will be the upcoming concert with the bands at Brothers Lounge (11607 Detroit Ave., Cleveland OH 44102). That show will be the official album release party for Dawn Lights’ new full-length titled “My Will Alone”. Surely there shall be plenty to talk about.

Interested in listening in? You can catch WJCU at 88.7 fm on your radio dial if you’re in the Cleveland area, or you can listen online here. (Follow that link for our high-quality AAC stream, or click the about tab at the top of the page for other listening options, courtesy of WJCU.org. Today also marks the official release of “My Will Alone” to iTunes shoppers, so get your early copy fresh from the presses (the digital presses, that is..)

[Album Review] Dawn Lights – My Will Alone

Dean Johnson and Eric Hess are Dawn Lights (Photo credit: Jocelyn Petruccio)

Dawn Lights is a studio project that includes Cleveland rock scene veterans Eric Hess (Battlestar, Audiblethread) on vocals and Dean Johnson (Via the Sun, Burning Vegas) on guitars, drums and everything else. The band’s debut album, My Will Alone,  is set for an October 21, 2011 official release. Continue reading