[Audio] The Missing Visit The Rock on 88.7 FM WJCU

The Missing is Back! (Photo Credit: Jocelyn Petruccio)

The Missing is Back! (Photo Credit: Jocelyn Petruccio)

Local Cleveland rockers The Missing (minus Chad) visited the on-air studios of The Rock on 88.7 FM WJCU last Friday night to discuss their great love of the early ’00s rock band Trapt and about their upcoming shows. Many conversations with The Hobbit Man took place as well (off the air unfortunately, due to the foul Hobbit language of the Hobbity fellow..)

Check out the ridiculousness below – everyone in the band now has new nicknames. Chris is now “Chris from Trapt”, Elliot aka “Howlin’ Jack” will henceforth be known as “Habit Man”, and Rick is…well Rick is just Rick.

Chad was The Missing one.

[Audio Archives] Bro Jovi visit Gene on 88.7 WJCU, 11.20.10

(L-R) Ogre, Tommy Haywood, and Rob Bro Jovi of Bro Jovi made their visit to the WJCU studios a memorable one back in 2010! (Photo Credit: Eric Leiser / FNA Productions)

I have to be honest, this show was one of the best times I have ever had doing this radio show, and that is saying a lot considering that The Rock started back in January of ’07! Bro Jovi is a hard-rockin’, heavy-drinkin’ band who love gettin’ greased – or even a little blacked. Continue reading