[Album Review] French Donkey – Make Gold

Cleveland's Chris Donley and Scott Paris have a new sound with French Donkey. (Album art courtesy of French Donkey)

Cleveland’s Chris Donley and Scott Paris have a new sound with French Donkey.

There’s a new sound coming out of Cleveland – it’s smooth, it’s honest, and it’s….French Donkey? That’s right – veteran Cleveland rockers Chris Donley and Scott Paris have a musical love letter for the world on this Valentine’s Day with their double full-length album Make Gold, and it’s filled with mellow melodies and harmonies that would put a smile on most anyone’s face! Continue reading

[Album Review] Social 66 – Self-Titled

Social 66, Sons of Mischief. (Photo courtesy of Social 66)

Social 66, Sons of Mischief. (Photo courtesy of Social 66)

Akron’s own Social 66 are revving up their engines with their eponymous debut record for Pavement Records. The collection of twelve hard-rockin’ gritty jams infused with melody serves as a fierce statement that this band has arrived, and intends to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of rock. Continue reading

[Album Review] Dawn Lights – Exaggerate the Distance

Dawn Lights - songs from outer space. (Photo Courtesy of Dawn Lights)

Dawn Lights – songs from outer space. (Photo Courtesy of Dawn Lights)

Dawn Lights is a collaboration between one multi-instrumentalist (Dean Johnson) one vocalist/lyricist (Eric Hess) who bring layered melodies with a heavy edge and driving beat to the musical table. The new album Exaggerate the Distance is the second act in this musical adventure that is available to any listener out there who chooses to have the experience. It’s a solid rock album that many people probably don’t know about, because Johnson and Hess create for the love of the art. Continue reading

[Album Review] Adema – Topple the Giants

Adema - Topple the Giants cover (Large)

It’s been six years since Bakersfield, CA rockers Adema have released a new album, and the lineup changes the band has been through in recent years may certainly be a factor. The group tried and failed in 2010 to restore its original lineup; despite this, the bands’ remaining core of Tim Fluckey (guitars, vocals), Dave DeRoo (bass) and Kris Kohls (drums) want to prove to the world their resiliency with their latest effort Topple the Giants, due to be released tomorrow. Overall, the album makes a strong statement that this is one band looking forward and determined to forge their own path. Continue reading

[Album Review + Stream] Social 66 – The Party is On

Social 66 - Party is On (Album Art)

Like a hillbilly Frank Sinatra doing things his own way, Jason O’Daniel of Social 66 is forging ahead with a debut album of in-your-face rock tunes bound to make anyone yearning for a 21st century resurgence a little bit of hope for the future… Continue reading

[Album Review] Marrok – Days of Mercury

Marrok is Austrian for punching an aesthetically pleasing hole through your face with music. (Album Art courtesy of Marrok)

Brutal. Groovetastic. Exciting. Melodic. All accurate words to describe the new release from Austrian industrial / metal outfit Marrok, titled Days of Mercury. Showing inspiration from such American metal acts as Slipknot and Dream Theater, this album is proof positive that the group are a musical force to be reckoned with. That is, for the modern metal fan who prefers a heavy dose of melody shrouded over a pounding groove rounded out by electronic elements that serve to accent but never overpower the overall metallic feel. Continue reading

[Album Review] All Dinosaurs – Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior

All Dinosaurs: Loud Love with their new album “Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior”. (Artwork courtesy of All Dinosaurs)

All Dinosaurs are here, and they’re ready for you to love them with their latest recorded effort, Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior. Much like the group’s last album Paranoid Indigenous, this offering is a full-bore audio assault from start to finish, custom-made for anyone who likes their music loud and frenetic! Continue reading

[Album Review + Video] Sacred 13 – Black Days Behind Us

Sacred 13’s “Black Days Behind Us” is a rager evoking memories of the best of Pantera. (Photo courtesy of Sacred 13)

Sacred 13 is here, and demands your attention with their fourth full-length album Black Days Behind Us – this release is the group’s best yet, full of shred, melody – and grit.

The group, according to the official bio,  is on a mission to become the “Metallica of their generation”. Reaching the heights of Metallica is a lofty goal to have, but if Sacred 13 is able to find the right audience for their brand of metal, the group definitely has the skills – and the goods. Lead guitarist / lead vocalist Josh Karickhoff has a look that evokes memories of the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott – and the way he plays guitar will remind the listener of Dime even more! Continue reading

[Album Review] Solipsist – Extinction Protocol (EP)

The Extinction Protocol is upon us... (Album Art - Dave Vezdos, Solipsist)

Shredtastic. Brutal. Groovin’. All of the aforementioned are words that accurately describe the new EP from Solipsist, titled “Extinction Protocol”. The tracks on the album prove that thrash is alive and well here in Cleveland, and brutal as ever! Continue reading

[Album Review + Stream] Ceterum – Fathom

Cleveland’s Ceterum brings the heavy dissonance with their debut full-length album “Fathom”.

After years of lineup changes, relocations and aural refinements, Ceterum has found a home in Cleveland. With the assistance of the likes of Ante Up Audio producers Jim Stewart (Ohio Sky) and Michael Seifert (Dave Matthews Band, Mr. Gnome) the band has released their debut full-length, FathomIf one can get past its flaws, the album is a well-polished heavy rock experience that encompasses a full range of emotions and musicality – most definitely worth checking out. Continue reading