[Audio] Marc Rizzo Interview on The Rock on 88.7 WJCU

Marc Rizzo - Legionnaire Album (Photo Courtesy of Phlamencore Records)This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Marc Rizzo, who in addition to being the lead guitarist for Soulfly and the Cavalera Conspiracy is currently on tour playing solo material in clubs across the U.S.

Marc Rizzo - guitar master. (Photo Courtesy of Phlamencore PR)

Marc Rizzo – guitar master, handling one of his PRS axes. (Photo Courtesy of Phlamencore PR)

In the interview, we were able to talk about fan reaction to Rizzo’s solo material, which alternates between his heavy side and his jazzy side – and how at times the crowd reaction can really make or break a show, as many choose to sing along to his largely instrumental pieces and cover arrangements. Rizzo (who plays and endorses PRS guitars) and the rest of Cavalera Conspiracy recently wrapped up recording their latest album; we chat about that as well, and speak about his personal history in rock music and experiences – check it out!






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