[Day 1 Preview] Rock on the Range 2013 at Columbus Crew Stadium, 5.17 – 5.19

Jonathan Davis and Korn headline the first night of Rock on the Range 2013. (Photo Credit: Scott Legato / Getty)

Jonathan Davis and Korn headline the first night of Rock on the Range 2013. (Photo Credit: Scott Legato / Getty)

Rock on the Range 2013 is almost here, and this year’s edition is another DOOZY of a weekend! This article is the first of a three-part series that will provide you with your guide to getting the most out of ROTR 2013. So many bands, so little time! Who is worth checking out, and who isn’t? Read on to find out…

Monster Energy Main Stage…

KORN (9:50p)

A band that introduced many fans to a heavier style of alternative rock, Korn has evolved over the years, seen a few members come and go. The band returns to the stage at Crew Stadium in 2013 bolstered by the addition of former guitarist and founding member Brian ‘Head’ Welch, who left the band in 2005 and has recently been confirmed as officially back with the band. Korn’s set on Friday will be the band’s second with Welch since the now born-again Christian left the band to kick a drug habit and find God. Welch will have a busy day, since his solo band Love and Death will be opening up the main stage as well on Friday. Can you say good times?  Fans in attendance might get lucky enough to hear some of the new tracks from the band’s upcoming album set to be recorded this year, as well. (Hopefully it’s not another dubstep one, though…)


Cheap Trick is a band that saw much success with hits like “I Want You to Want Me” in the mid-70s – in Japan! But when the group recorded a live album at Budokan for their rabid Japanese followers, they finally managed to crash into the mainstream for supporters of rock stateside. Here is a band that literally would not have reached the status they hold today were it not for their ability to really get it going for their live performances! Certainly it will be a treat for ROTR-goers to check out one of the greatest live rock bands (“The American Beatles“) of all time – no doubt.

Love & Death (4:25p)

Though Brian ‘Head’ Welch may have left Korn in 2005, he continued to make his own music over the years – heavy, metal-influenced and punctuated by his seven-string guitarwork, but with a strong influence by his newfound faith as a Christian. If you consider yourself to be a Korn fan from the early days, this is definitely a set to check out!

Buckcherry (6:45p)

Known for rocking hard, loving cocaine and “crazy bitches”, the guys in Buckcherry must love to party. They’ll be bringing their party soundtrack to the Range main stage on Friday, and you can bet that the crowd will be filled with plenty of ‘Lit Up’ folks…

Hollywood Undead (5:25p)

One of Revolver Magazine’s favorite bands Hollywood Undead will be playing the main stage on Sunday. For fans of mediocre rap-rock, this is sure to be a delight. The group is known for wearing masks onstage while rapping and singing their way through guitar and electronic-driven tracks, somewhat like Linkin Park (except for the headgear of course!) But hey, Undead has some catchy tunes in their repertoire, so why not have a listen?

Jagermeister Second Stage

In Flames (9:15p)

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, In Flames helped to pioneer the melodic death metal musical genre starting in the early 1990s. For some the band helped to open up the world of death metal by merging harmonized guitars with death growls. Some say that In Flames even helped create metalcore through their influence of bands such as Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. Besides, how often can one really get the chance to see a Swedish metal band in Ohio?

Oleander (7:35p)

Maybe you’ve heard that song “Why I’m Here” on the radio and wondered what happened to Oleander? Maybe you always wondered who it was who created that song? Well wonder no more, because the group is back, touring under a new album, released this spring. We seem to be living in a very grunge-friendly time right now, what with the return of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, as well as sightings of the surviving members of Nirvana on stage together..so why not indulge in a little 90s-style on Friday?

Mindset Evolution (6:10p)

Bright, heavy and melodic alternative rock is to be expected from Mindset Evolution, a group of upstarts from Peoria, IL. The group is definitely on the rise, and is a band to check out this Friday.

Xfactor1 (4:00p)

In 2009 Columbus-based XFactor1 became the first unsigned band to play at Rock on the Range. Their love for the festival has only intensified in the years since for a group known to bring a little extra fire to their live performances. Hardworking guys making heavy tunes we can all enjoy..definitely worth checking out Friday!

American Fangs (5:00p)

Heavy, fast-paced modern rock in the style of 80s glam rockers without all that makeup.

Friday is going to be a huge day, a sign that ROTR 2013 is going to be the biggest yet! Stay tuned to this website for the previews for the rest of the weekend as well…

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