[Album Review + Video] Sacred 13 – Black Days Behind Us

Sacred 13’s “Black Days Behind Us” is a rager evoking memories of the best of Pantera. (Photo courtesy of Sacred 13)

Sacred 13 is here, and demands your attention with their fourth full-length album Black Days Behind Us – this release is the group’s best yet, full of shred, melody – and grit.

The group, according to the official bio,  is on a mission to become the “Metallica of their generation”. Reaching the heights of Metallica is a lofty goal to have, but if Sacred 13 is able to find the right audience for their brand of metal, the group definitely has the skills – and the goods. Lead guitarist / lead vocalist Josh Karickhoff has a look that evokes memories of the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott – and the way he plays guitar will remind the listener of Dime even more!

Black Days eases into the listener’s ears with the slow, grungy solo at the beginning of the title track. “Black Days” the song is a heavy-hitting jam packed with melody, screams, and blistering leads from Karickhoff. The album as a whole chugs along with the exception of the ballad “The Path for Me”. That song provides a slight break from pure ragers like “Never Bow Down” and “Scars and Bruises”.

Sacred 13 has honed their craft considerably since releasing their debut Remanence back in 2007. The band, consisting of Karickhoff, bassist/vocalist Gus Ward, and ‘drum guru’ Sam Edwards, began in its original incarnation as “Blue Fire” back in 2002 when Karickhoff and Ward were barely teenagers. One can only imagine the hours and hours of practice that has led the band to the point that they now reside – perhaps poised at the threshold of greatness?

Check out the debut video from the album below for the song “Scars and Bruises”. If you like what you hear, the album is available for purchase from the links below.

Sacred 13 Official Website

Sacred 13 WILL melt your face (Photo Courtesy of Sacred13.com)

Gene’s Favorite Tracks from Black Days Behind Us:
1. Black Days
2. The End is Calling
3. Never Bow Down

Recommended for fans of Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, and Alice in Chains.

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