[Album Review] Solipsist – Extinction Protocol (EP)

The Extinction Protocol is upon us... (Album Art - Dave Vezdos, Solipsist)

Shredtastic. Brutal. Groovin’. All of the aforementioned are words that accurately describe the new EP from Solipsist, titled “Extinction Protocol”. The tracks on the album prove that thrash is alive and well here in Cleveland, and brutal as ever!

“Save Me a Place in Hell” is the initial track on the album, and invitation to the level of brutality that Solipsist is providing. Noah Buchanon’s vocals on the album stand out over other metal vocalists in that you can actually understand what he is saying – a vocal style that is somewhat similar to a Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) or even Mark Hunter (Chimaira). The relentless drum beats from Dave Chojnacki are fast’n’heavy yet rhythmic, in tune with the dual-guitar groove from Steve Sinko and Mark Witherspoon.

Blistering leads and replenishing vocal melodies are well represented throughout. Haunting melodic vocal parts are used sparingly, and but in the songs with melodic vocal parts, the presence of such melody serves to provide an excellent contrast between the usual vocal fire brought by Buchanon, a marriage of heavy and melody that is comparable in parts to Chimaira or All That Remains.

Standout tracks on the album include, well, the entire album! The EP includes only five songs, but they flow so well that you’ll be hard-pressed to skip to any one song – that is, until the end. “Ghosts of Rememberance” is the final track, featuring a guest vocal appearance from Eric Hess (Battlestar, Dawn Lights). The track is haunting, seeming like a refrain crafted by the few survivors of the devastation wreaked by the juggernaut machine of Extinction Protocol. A must listen!

Far from a mere reflection of their influences, Solipsist shows on this EP that they are a force to be reckoned with, shredtastic enough for any metal fan, bringing a little extra to the table with their use of the groove and melody. For all that is good, rock and metal in the world, get yourself a copy! Where can such copies be secured, ask you? Solipsist will be playing on Saturday, 4.14.12 at The Foundry in Lakewood (11729 Detroit Rd.), tickets are $10 in advance and are nearly sold out already – so if you want to go, act fast! For tickets contact Solipsist via their Facebook page.

Solipsist is (L-R) Noah Buchanon (lead vocals), Mark Witherspoon (guitars, vocals), Dave Chojnacki (drums), Dave Vezdos (bass), Steve Sinko (guitars, vocals)

Gene’s Favorite Tracks from Extinction Protocol
1. The Whole Album!


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