[Audio] Chris Z from Peabody’s and Impending Lies Visit The Rock on 88.7 WJCU

(Photo courtesy of Peabody’s Concert Club)

This past weekend (4.21.12) I was able to sit down with Chris Zitterbart, the owner of Peabody’s Concert Club in downtown Cleveland, as well as members of the band Impending Lies to talk about all things rock. Did you miss the interviews? Then check out the links below, and remember that you can catch The Rock on 88.7 WJCU every Friday night from midnight until 2:30 a.m. ONLY on 88.7 WJCU and WJCU.org! Continue reading

[Photos] 20 Awesome Rock Groups that Deserve Induction to the Rock Hall NOW

Geddy Lee and Rush leads a group of deserving candidates for induction to the Rock Hall. (Photo Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Last month, in announcing his intent to join his former Guns ‘N Roses bandmates in Cleveland this Saturday for the group’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Slash stated he did so with reservation. While he appreciated the honor, he stated that “it’s sort of a bittersweet thing too because there’s so many artists that aren’t inducted, that came way before Guns did, that actually deserve more to be in there and they’re not in there.” Continue reading

[Album Review] Solipsist – Extinction Protocol (EP)

The Extinction Protocol is upon us... (Album Art - Dave Vezdos, Solipsist)

Shredtastic. Brutal. Groovin’. All of the aforementioned are words that accurately describe the new EP from Solipsist, titled “Extinction Protocol”. The tracks on the album prove that thrash is alive and well here in Cleveland, and brutal as ever! Continue reading