[Preview] It’s a Long Way to the Top… a Rock Documentary by Rob Montague

Rob Montague - man of many talents.

Rob Montague, whose musical exploits have been chronicled on this very site (check out the review of his album Farewell Song right here) has a new project in the works – a feature film-length documentary on the struggles that bands and musicians have in the pursuit of their dreams of playing music for a living, to be titled “It’s a Long Way to the Top…

The project is just getting started, and as one could imagine for an independent project, will surely become quite expensive. Montague has released a video on Facebook asking for help completing the project. So far, Montague and his film team (including director of photography Eric Leiser and Joe Willis) have interviewed scores of independent-minded folk, such as Jim LaMarca (ex-Chimaira bassist), Melt founder Matt Fish, and local musicians like Nathan Hedges and the band All Dinosaurs.

One particular section of the documentary, according to Montague, will include following All Dinosaurs around from practice sessions to the stage, and showing all the blood, sweat and tears shed along the way. The voices of many other musicians will be included in this story as well – Montague is one of them, having had his own highs and lows in the music industry, both as a singer and as a songwriter.

The project is looking for funding right now – anyone interested in supporting independent film can contribute at Kickstarter, and all inquiries regarding the project are being directed to latemorningfilms@gmail.com.


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