[Album Review] Deadiron – Out of the Rust and Ruin

Cleveland’s Deadiron has a new level of brutality for you to explore.. (Photo courtesy of Deadiron)

In Out of the Rust and Ruin, Cleveland thrashers Deadiron saddle up their (metaphorical) steeds and present a well-rounded metallic sound; a sound synthesis of its members’ diverse musical influences.The debut full-length album from the group is indeed as powerful as the brutal album art (shown above).

The string-and-acoustic-guitar driven intro track lays an epic groundwork for the first song “Unite”, the first of many fist-pounding anthems that sound like a call to action for true believers of metal. Lead vocalist Alex Van Ness has a delivery that seems to be very inspired by elements of his own punk rock and hardcore background, when paried with the Iron Maiden-esque sound of the music accompanying his vocal, Deadiron provides a metallic soundscape that will appeal to any die-hard metal fan of the 80s that is updated for the present day.

Very brutals (sic)

Shredtastic much? Lead guitarist Tyler Harvey certainly stretches out his fleet fingers throughout; high water marks include his solos on the songs “Legacy of Thunder” and “Underdog”, the latter song one of three Deadiron jams re-recorded from earlier demos. In contrast to the earlier songs that Deadiron recorded, everything just simply sounds fuller – like Deadiron in HD! The heavy staccato riffage comes at the listener with a healthy dose of fuzz, creating a heavy, almost sticky sound that pleases the eardrums like a sticky swath of peanut butter stuck on the inside of one’s mouth. Van Ness’ vocals sound much improved on this album as well from the previous recordings, as he seems to be allowing more elements of melody creep into his hardcore vocal style.

Van Ness is definitely a skilled singer, and he teams up with bassist J Bennett to create some great vocal harmonies, especially throughout the final track “Under the Midnight Stars”. Bennett, who shares an affinity for the vocal stylings of Alice in Chains with the author of this piece, finds just the right place to reside vocally to properly accent Van Ness’ melodic vocal forays.

The only slight to the album is that some element of the band’s true force seems to be missing in the translation. Anyone who has seen the band perform live would certainly know what I’m talking about, but that is but a tiny drop of dissent in a sea of rocktitude. Anyone who loves metal, and especially thrash, will absolutely love this album. The thrashers will debut their album at their official CD Release show this Saturday, March 10th at Peabody’s Concert Club. Admission is free (with a flier from their Facebook page) and will also feature supporting acts Ruled By Reason, The Approach and the Execution, Abandon All Hope, IAMREVENGE, Taken By Talons, and several others. Rockin!

Deadiron is (L-R) Sunny Kolattukudy (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Tyler Harvey (lead guitar, backing vocals) Alex Van Ness (lead vocals), J Bennett (bass, backing vocals), and Thomas Paine (drums) (Photo courtesy of Deadiron)

Gene’s Favorite Tracks from Out of the Rust and Ruin:
1. Unite
2. Legacy of Thunder
3. Underdog
4. Under the Midnight Stars

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