[Preview] Ohio Sky – This House is Old and Filled with Ghosts (EP)

The Ohio Sky continue to create. (Photo illustration: Ohio Sky)

Ohio Sky has a new EP coming to an iTunes store near you – “This House is Old and Filled with Ghosts” represents the latest from the band, and judging from the teaser trailer, the amazing sounds that the group recorded on their previous full-length, “Curses” continue on this recording.

As reported in Cleveland’s Scene Magazine, the Ohio Sky ended up recording “Curses” live in an old abandoned warehouse nearby Ante Up Studios in downtown Cleveland. Perhaps the title of the new EP is in homage to their new-found aural utopia? Perhaps, perhaps not, since the teaser trailer below depicts the band in session at Suma Studios in Painesville. At any rate, the sure to be amazing EP should be available on iTunes as soon as it is finished. Look for a review of right here – coming soon!

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