2nd Half Advance to Finals in ESPN Home Court Contest

2nd Half - coming to a TV set near you! (Photo: Courtesy of 2nd Half)

Speaking of bands working to raise the profile of Cleveland music, how about those 2nd Half guys? The group has been involved in a contest sponsored by OurStage.com and ESPN to determine “Who’s Next” among independent rock bands across the nation. Recently they advanced to the finals in an online poll, and if they win, they’ll have their music played during Championship week for the NCAA Men’s College Basketball coverage on ESPN.

2nd Half might have the upper hand in this bracket of competing bands due to their sound, which is completely unlike every other band in the contest. Interestingly enough, the group’s blend of driving guitars and thick vocal melodies is nearly anachronistic in a field of bands who seem to prefer emulating Adam Levine / Maroon 5. Up for consideration in the contest is 2nd Half’s song “Got it Made”, a jam they released last year that contains a powerful lyrical message, in addition to everything else the driving rock  song brings to the table. “If you could feel the way I feel, then you would know that it’s for real.”

The out-of-body experience of finally reaching a goal can be applied in many ways, and feels very appropriate for this contest, which represents one of the best opportunities the band has had in throughout their history. The band was originally founded in ’97 as a two-piece, with lead guitarist / vocalist Ed Gandolf and drummer Drew Scalero performing in front of screens with backing music played to fill out the bass and rhythm guitar parts. In 2007 the duo upgraded to a four-piece with the additions of a singing guitarist (Matt Majoros) and full-time bassist (Michael Vincent), upping the ante, setting the stage for bigger things. Surely, for 2nd Half, “the best is yet to come”.

Tune in to THE ROCK on 88.7 fm WJCU this Friday night at midnight for an interview with some of the members of 2nd Half. We’ll talk about what comes next for the band – but in the meantime, if you love and support Cleveland music, you should definitely visit the ESPN Home Court facebook page and cast your vote for 2nd Half – a win for these guys is a win for Cleveland!

Visit ESPN Home Court on Facebook. Vote for 2nd Half. Go ahead, we'll wait. (Photo credit: ESPN.com)

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