[Viral Video] Eight-Year Old Girl Brings it in ‘My First Hardcore Song’

Juliet is 8 years old, and she's pissed off. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

YouTube has always been a place for parents to post cute videos of their kids, or to post embarassing videos of their kids trying to be stars (See: Rebecca Black). As eight-year-old Juliet proves, if you combine cuteness with embarassing and add a healthy dose of brutality, you’ve got yourself a winning mix. Continue reading

[Album Review] Via the Sun – Theatrics

Cleveland is always proving itself to be a fertile birthing ground for new rock. Theatrics, the debut album by Via the Sun is yet another example of this – polished, dynamic, and heavy, all the elements necessary for a solid listening experience! Continue reading

[Album Review + Stream] Mouth Wired Shut – Mouth Wired Shut EP

The new Mouth Wired Shut EP promises heavy rockin' tunes.

Cleveland native Joey Ariemma (Omerta) has a brand-new set of tunes for your aural perusal. Mouth Wired Shut, the EP, is a three-song collection of tunes that promise to devastate the senses, but does the brutality of the album art live within the music? Continue reading

[Concert Review + Setlist] Rob Montague, Downplay, and Silverlights at the House of Blues, 1.4.12

Rob Montague and the Flat Earth Society rockin' out (Photo: Gene Natale / 88.7 WJCU)

For their first show ever as a band, Rob Montague and the Flat Earth Society certainly looked pretty polished. This past Wednesday, the group took the stage at the House of Blues Cambridge Room, supported by Downplay and Silverlights. Continue reading