[Video] Rob Montague and the Flat Earth Society Release Videos for “Brand New Day” and “Falling Away”

Rob Montague, now in motion! (Photo Credit: Eric Leiser)

It’s safe to say that Rob Montague and the Flat Earth Society has been hard at work preparing for the band’s first live performance ever at the House of Blues Cambridge Room in Cleveland on 1.4.12.

In between practicing and working on getting their sound right, the band found time to record a pair of music videos for songs from the album Farewell Song. Each video is as powerfully stated visually as the songs they contain.

The first video is for the song “Brand New Day”, an anthem that Montague originally wrote as part of a songwriting project and adapted to suit the purposes of the Flat Earth Society. The video features Montague (vox) and Bob Uhoda (guitars) on-site at the Occupy Cleveland camp and protests. Insight is provided by some of the other protesters. As seen below, the video’s powerful imagery serve as a statement to the greedy amongst us…

The band’s second music video is completely different stylistically than the first. Montague, with the help of several others, created the images entirely on iPhones using a special vintage 8mm video application. The washed-out images, disillusioned faces and overall darkness of the video speaks to the darkness alluded to in the song “Falling Away”. The video is dark, but full of motion and life – alluding to the itinerant nature of the song. Leaving past disappointments behind and moving on to brighter tomorrows, that sums up what the viewer sees and hears while watching this vid. The second video is also the first to feature the band performing – images of Tommy Heywood (drums) and Keith Fewell (guitars) keep the action going!

Looking for more Rob Montague? Check out the band on Facebook, and make sure you tune in to The Rock on 88.7 WJCU on 12.30.11 for an in-studio interview with the band, and a live acoustic performance! Killer.

And while you’re at it…don’t forget to get your tickets for the band’s debut concert on January 4th at the House of Blues! Tickets are only 10 bucks – nice. <Link – House of Blues Cleveland>

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