[Viral Video] Cleveland Metal Band Dubbed “Worst” Music Video of 2011

Yahoo! Music recently released a list of the Most Epically Awful Videos of 2011: Even Worse Than Rebecca Black. Somehow, Cleveland’s Alternate Reality was credited with making the worst video of the year – so it must be pretty bad, right?

Well, it’s certainly not…good. See for yourself below – Yahoo! singles out the Dungeons and Dragons theme as the reason for its ridiculousness, while Scene Magazine points out eight MORE reasons.

However, there is a big problem with the list of “Most Epically Awful” (other than the fact that it uses the “word” epically) – how is it that a metal band that features musicians playing actual INSTRUMENTS (an unusual concept in today’s pop music world) is dubbed the worst among a field of overproduced, autotuned abominations?

Of the top ten worst videos, every one features autotuned vocals. Except this one. Now – granted, Alternate Reality vocalist Steve Delchin is certainly no Dio when it comes to singing, but I’d still rather listen to his cheesy laugh than George Michael’s autotuned atrocity “True Faith” (number 9 on the list).

Take a look at the video below – the band seems to be attempting to channel the ghost of Dio with its “King Arthur” theme. In the end the video seems to have more in common with Spinal Tap or Tenacious D, but who cares! The video is fun, and definitely nowhere near as bad as any of the rest of the videos on Yahoo’s list. So what do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Personally, I would say that if you compare this video to the rest of Yahoo’s list (which also features this abomination from Real Housewife of New York “Countess Luann”, ranked 10th), it is a certifiable masterpiece.

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2 responses to “[Viral Video] Cleveland Metal Band Dubbed “Worst” Music Video of 2011

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