[Concert Review + Setlist] Ace Frehley at the House of Blues 11.8.11

Photo: Gene Natale / WNCX

Ed. note: This article was also featured on WNCX.com.

Guitar hero Ace Frehley of KISS fame made a triumphant return to Cleveland Tuesday night, electrifying a packed House of Blues with riffs so smokin’, his guitar nearly caught fire! (Literally.)

Anyone who might have any doubt that Frehley is one of the greatest guitarists ever would easily be swayed by his live performance. Frehley truly stands out on stage, and his performance was accented even more by the superb collection of musicians who comprise his solo band.

As the band ripped through Frehley favorites like “Rock Soldiers” and KISS classics like “Rocket Ride”, every member of the band had their turn on lead vocals; the air filled with harmony, a perfect accoutrement to the heavy guitar riffing and soloing.

When it came to guitar play, however, Frehley nailed every note of every solo put before him. In between songs, the axeman had a few funny anecdotes to share, as well as plenty of love for the people of Cleveland. Ever the showman, Frehley used all of his tricks, including his smoking guitar, LED-flashing silver Les Paul, and plenty of finger acrobatics on the fretboards of his beloved Gibson guitars.

Startin' the "Ace!" chant..(Photo: Gene Natale / WNCX)

Frehley showed exuberance toward the end of the set with a lengthy guitar solo (during which time he played so fast that his guitar began a’ smokin’). Following the theatrics, the band ripped through KISS’ iconic song “Shout it Out Loud”, with Frehley singing lead vocals – who needs Paul Stanley, anyway?

The band returned to the stage after a short while to play several encores, including “Flaming Youth” and the legendary “Cold Gin”. The fans in attendance couldn’t have been more excited as Frehley and the band aimed to please, throwing out scores of guitar picks and to the audience. (In fact, Frehley threw out so many picks to the crowd that he was constantly running out – thanks, Ace!) With the show over, everyone filed for the exits, ears ringing, and grins plastered on faces – a successful night, to say the least!

Ace Frehley Setlist
Intro: Fractured Mirror
1. Rocket Ride (KISS song)
2. Parasite (KISS song)
3. Sister
4. Snowblind / I Want You
5. Rock Soldiers (Frehley’s Comet song)
6. Love Her All I Can (Kiss song)
7. 2,000 Man (Rolling Stones cover)
8. What’s on Your Mind (Kiss song)
9. She (Kiss song)
10. Hard Times (Kiss song)
11. New York Groove (Hello cover)
12. Flaming Youth (Kiss song)
13. Into the Void (Kiss song)
14. Strange Ways (Kiss song)
15. Shock Me (Kiss song)
16. Ace Frehley guitar solo (with smoking guitar!)
17. Shout it Out Loud (Kiss song)
18. Deuce (Kiss song)

19. Rip it Out
20. Love Gun (Kiss song)
21. Cold Gin / Black Diamond outro (Kiss song)

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