[Concert Review + Setlist] Anvil at Westside Masonic Auditorium 11.5.11

Steve "Lips" Kudlow of Anvil shredding it up (Photo Credit: Gene Natale / WJCU)

ed. note: You can see the Anvil gallery here.

This past Saturday, Anvil made the trip back from the frozen Canadian north to visit their friends in Cleveland – for a face-melting concert that proved plenty pleasing to the metal partisans in attendance.

There is perhaps no better testament to hard work and perseverance than Anvil’s 30 year journey as a band out for notoriety. Perhaps that explains the band’s infatuation with Cleveland. This blue-collar city holds the distinction of being the city that Anvil has played more shows in than any other city in the world. Hey, what can we say, we love our metal! (Yes, sometimes I speak for the city of Cleveland, what of it?)

Saturday’s concert was the band’s second visit to Cleveland since releasing the 14th studio album for the group, Juggernaut of Justice. Though the attendance numbers were down overall from the last time Anvil played in Cleveland, those attending got the usual outstanding performance from “Lips” Kudlow (guitars, vocals), Glenn 5 (bass, vocals), and Robb Reiner (drums).

The setlist for the night was custom-designed to please the die-hard fans in attendance. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kudlow, as usual, played the show with the energy and sheer joy of an adolescent, but with the skill of a seasoned pro. One trick that Kudlow pulled that stood out in the mind of the author was when he decided to use the pickup of his guitar as a microphone…did you know that was even possible? I can’t say I know that was possible. Awesome. Metal.

Glenn 5 and Robb Reiner form a thunderous rhythm section. (Photo Credit: Gene Natale / WJCU)

A few times in the show, Glenn 5 and Kudlow gave way to Reiner, who wowed the audience with an amazing display of percussion. Reiner’s solo made it seem as though the skinsman was endowed with a few extra arms and legs to make the beats possible…

At the end of the band’s set (and two encores) Kudlow promised the fans that he would stick around after the show and shake everyone’s hand. Though Kudlow and the rest typically engage in this practice after nearly every show, the band’s genuine displays of gratitude are refreshing, as is it to see just how much fun Anvil has playing their music for their fans.

Anvil Setlist:

1. March Of The Crabs
2. 666
3. School Love
4. Juggernaut Of Justice
5. Winged Assassins
6. On Fire
7. This Is Thirteen
8. Mothra
9. Thumb Hang
10. When Hell Breaks Loose
11. White Rhino
12. Fuken Eh!
13. New Orleans Voo Doo
14. Metal On Metal

1. Forged In Fire
2. Running

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