Ace Frehley Autobiography Due in Stores Next Week: Excerpts Now Available

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Ace Frehley, known as the “Spaceman” from his days (1972 – ’82, 1996 – ’02) as lead guitarist in the hard-rockin’ KISS, has completed work on his autobiography titled “No Regrets”, which is due to be released to bookstores nationwide on Nov. 1.  Publisher Simon & Schuster just released an excerpt of the tome to the public on their website.

You can read part of the book’s first chapter here, as Ace describes some of his earliest memories growing up in the Bronx, his first beer, family life, and more.

As interesting as Ace’s life has been, the book surely will be an interesting read. As a guitarist, Frehley has proved to be so influential that some of his own fans were so inspired that they became prominent guitarists in their own right. One such fan, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (Pantera, Damageplan) loved Frehley so much that he had Ace’s likeness tattooed on his chest – and that’s not even the crazy part! Abbott is considered one of the best guitarists of all time (7th overall in a 2004 Guitar World magazine poll), and got the chance to meet Ace. During the meeting he asked his hero to sign the tattoo! Abbott later had a tattoo artist trace over the signature – a true sign of devotion.

Another subject that should be quite entertaining to read about is Ace’s fascination with space and aliens. Ace created his spaceman persona during his KISS days after he thought a UFO landed in his backyard one night. (Ace talks briefly about the experience in this MTV vid). Was Ace abducted by aliens? Did he truly come from “Outer Space” has he alleges in the track of the same name on his new album Anomaly? You’re going to have to read the book to find out…

As an added bonus for all of us here in Cleveland who are fans of Frehley, remember that Ace has a show coming up in a couple weeks at the House of Blues. He’s set to perform on Nov. 8 at the House of Blues Scene Stage. Advance tickets start at $32 for a General Admission pass for the show, which has an 8:00 p.m start time.

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