[Viral Video] Batman. Beatdown. Mind Blown.

Maxwell Allen as Batman. In happier times. Don't be fooled by the peace sign..this Batman is a warrior.(Photo by David McNew / Getty Images)

Radio923fm.com’s Carl America recently blogged about the new fad of “Batmanning“. Well, what we have here also involves Batman. More precisely, a grown man dressed in a Batman costume (with foam muscles built in) who seems to think that he is Batman..in real life. Yeah.

The video below shows a confrontation between Maxwell Allen, who works on the Las Vegas strip in Las Vegas, NV as a Batman impersonator. While on the job, in costume (and in character), Allen gets into an argument with a passerby, who seems to find Allen’s garb amusing. Allen then decides that he’s taken enough verbal abuse – after all, he’s Batman!

Batman, showing he is not afraid to point fingers.

Allen throws his cape back dramatically with his arms. This amuses his heckler, who then proceeds to mime Spider-Man moves, including a pretend volley of webbing directed at his costumed foe…

The Batman pose. Also known as the "Batman-Gonna-Beat-Yo-Ass" pose. (In movies at least).

Batman: I shall avenge his laughter with kung fu. Yes! For I am a martial arts master!

White Shirt Guy prepares a vicious webbing attack. Wait, is he Spider-Man? If so, why is he being so open about his secret identity? So many questions.

Everyone knows that Batman knows kung fu. He’s a martial arts master! Allen is dressed as Batman and seems to believe that he, himself, is also a master of martial arts. Unfortunately, his idea of martial arts is more like what modern fight scientists have come to refer as the “Sissy Fight” technique. Observe as he raises his arms and positions his hands ready for chopping.

Caffeine + kung fu movies + Batman costume = Bad Idea.

Unfortunately for Allen, his assailant seems to be a bit better-versed in the art of “beatdown” than he. After dodging several slap attempts by Batman/Allen, the white-shirted (and meat-headed) man throws some heavy fists at his face. The fight is over after White Shirt Guy actually bodyslams Batman. He. Bodyslammed. Batman.

At this point, Batman was a little out of character.

I’m having trouble processing all of this (maybe because I’m laughing a bit too hard?) You should just check out the vid on YouTube below. Ya dig?

Now, as a disclaimer, the costumed man did an interview in costume with Las Vegas CBS News affiliate 8 News Now about the harassment that many of the costumed impersonators on the Vegas Strip frequently have to deal with. However, Maxwell Allen getting beat up as Batman is still funny because (at least from this video) it looks like he instigated the fight. Also, because Allen seems to think he could win the fight. According to 8 News, neither Allen or his white-shirted assailant filed a police report after the incident, and no charges were filed by local authorities against either man. See the original news report here.

Apparently, picking a fight with a tourist whose sole purpose for traveling to Vegas is to fight Batman is a bad idea. Who knew? Well, obviously Batman didn’t know. Oops. You’re welcome, Internet!

Ed. note: This article was also featured on Radio923fm.com, available here.

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