[Concert Review] Wish You Were Here at CC Fairgrounds 8.13.11

Wish You Were Here at CC Fairgrounds 8.13.11 (Photo Credit: Gene Natale / WNCX)

Wish You Were Here rocked the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds on Saturday, showing once more why they are a force to be reckoned with – and the best Pink Floyd tribute band around. The show was part of the WNCX 25th Anniversary Concert Series, sponsored by Kent State Geauga, Value Rooter and Window Pro.

Despite calls in the weather forecast for rain, the show went on as planned and got an assist from Mother Nature when the rains did in fact hold off. However, even if it had been raining, the enthusiasm of the crowd could not be contained – made clear when one could observe the dancing and singing along to the show.

Photo: Gene Natale / WNCX

The fine folks of Kent State were kind enough to provide beach balls to the crowd, and those were batted around all night, in keeping with the carnival atmosphere of the show..

Wish You Were Here played all the hits of Floyd as they always do, and the crowd really seemed to get into it when the band played such hits as “Time” and “Wish You Were Here”. Ribz of the Maxwell Show was among them, as he made clear to the author of this post, “Time is MY song!”

The show ran for over two hours, as singer Eric “Eroc” Sosinski just couldn’t bear to let the show end too soon. “They say we’ve got to cut it short tonight,” Eric said to the crowd when it seemed the band had finished their set, “But those fireworks can wait. We’ve got one more for you all!” The band closed out the night with a powerful rendition of “Comfortably Numb”.

Photo: Gene Natale / WNCX

Most of the crowd was too excited to leave so soon, and stayed to watch the brilliant fireworks display. In all, it was quite the successful evening, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all at the next stop in the WNCX 25th Anniversary Concert Series!

Ed note: This article was also featured on WNCX.com, available here.

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