[Concert Review] Alien Ant Farm at Peabody’s 8.11.11

Photo: Gene Natale / Radio 92.3

Thursday night was a concert night at Peabody’s, with Alien Ant Farm (AAF) the headliner. As is the norm for a Peabody’s show, there were over 15 supporting acts. Those in attendance saved their energy and enthusiasm for the main act of the night, the proprietors of such hits as “Movies” and the popular cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.

From the opening bell to the final note, AAF brought massive levels of energy and volume to the enthusiastic crowd at Peabody’s on Thursday night. Bassist Tye Zamora’s antics seemed to set the tone all night. Throughout the set, the portly yet agile player jumped around, making hilarious expressions with his rubber like Jim Carrey-esque face.

The setlist was laden with tracks from the band’s first (and most popular) album ANThology. As those in the crowd (and the pit) slowly worked themselves into a frenzy while the band prepared to play their hit “Movies”, singer Dryden Mitchell expressed his gratitude and excitement to see such a pumped-up group. Mitchell’s gratitude seemed well placed, since the band clearly fed off the energy from the crowd. Especially Zamora, who always seemed to be in motion. (Dynamo-like)

Tye Zamora performing with Alien Ant Farm on 8.11.11 at Peabody's (Photo Credit: Gene Natale / Radio 92.3)

Of course, everyone in the house felt the energy coming from the band, growing more and more enthusiastic as the night wore on. At one point, an excited fan sporting a Helmet T-shirt jumped up on stage for a few seconds of excited headbanging/flailing about before receiving an escort off by a guitar tech. All in good fun, of course…

Vocalist Mitchell seemed inspired by the excited (if a bit misguided) fan, and ran through the mosh pit for a good portion of the band’s next song, mic in hand. Finally, at the end of the set, the band played its hit cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, to the crowd’s delight. The band left the stage with everyone wanting more. Would they return?

Naturally, the band came back, after guitarist Terry Corso walked up to the microphone to ask his bandmates, “Hey, do you guys wanna play another one?” The AAF boys quickly bounced back onstage to play “Goodbye” (from their second album truANT). Also making an appearance on the stage (for some reason) was a stuffed cheetah wearing a diaper. (For real)

As the band finished the song and cleared the stage, Zamora remained in place, holding the last note of the song. As if frozen into stone by Medusa’s gaze. Eventually he snapped back to reality (after some time) and passed out guitar picks and signed autographs while high-fiving fans.

Photo: Gene Natale / Radio 92.3

Those who stayed at Peabody’s towards the end of the evening were rewarded by the opportunity to meet Mitchell, who took a seat at the bar for a few drinks. Shots were passed around, and stories shared between Mitchell and the few diehards who remained. Until next time!

Ed. note: This article was also featured on Radio923fm.com, available here.

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