[Concert Preview] Rock on the Range Day 3 Featuring Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Anthrax, Mastodon, and More!

Megadeth is one of many heavy-hitting bands that will be Rocking the Range in Columbus, OH from May 19-20. (Photo Credit: Gene Natale, Jr. / 88.7 WJCU)

The final day of Rock on the Range 2012 could be the heaviest of the three this year, this Sunday at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH. Essential thrashers Megadeth and Anthrax will shred amongst a field of rock giants that includes Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Down. As always, there is more to the day than just the top billed acts, so read on down the list to learn a little bit about all the bands you should expect to see on Sunday! Continue reading

[Concert Preview] Rock on the Range 2012 Days 1 and 2 featuring Incubus, Slash, Shinedown, and Cypress Hill

Get ready for Shinedown at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH on 5.19! (Photo Credit: Gene Natale, Jr. / 88.7 WJCU)

The summer concert season is fast approaching, as Rock on the Range returns to Columbus Crew Stadium for a sixth year of hard-hitting rockitude next Saturday and Sunday, May 18-20 in Columbus, OH. As usual, the lineup features a great collection of heavy-hitters as well as a number of quality up-and-coming acts – plenty of great music for any rock fan to appreciate! But looking at the list of bands that will be playing can only say so much – let’s take a closer look, shall we? Continue reading

2nd Half Advance to Finals in ESPN Home Court Contest

2nd Half - coming to a TV set near you! (Photo: Courtesy of 2nd Half)

Speaking of bands working to raise the profile of Cleveland music, how about those 2nd Half guys? The group has been involved in a contest sponsored by OurStage.com and ESPN to determine “Who’s Next” among independent rock bands across the nation. Recently they advanced to the finals in an online poll, and if they win, they’ll have their music played during Championship week for the NCAA Men’s College Basketball coverage on ESPN. Continue reading

Black Sabbath Reunion Downsized – Iommi Pulls Out, Reunion Still On

Tony Iommi reportedly will not be joining Black Sabbath for the majority of the 2012 reunion tour due to health reasons. (Photo: Getty Images)

It seems the metal gods (Dio?) are continuing to conspire and sabotage Black Sabbath‘s planned reunion for 2012.  On Friday, the band announced on their website that guitarist Tony Iommi will be unable to join the band for the full tour, reducing the reunion to a single date – Jun 10th at the Download Festival. Continue reading

Black Sabbath Reunion – The Bill Ward Debacle

All seemed well with Black Sabbath during their reunion announcement last November. Now, not so much. (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Could the greatest reunion of all time be in jeopardy? So far, it looks like the Black Sabbath 2012 reunion will be one short, missing original drummer Bill Ward. Exactly what circumstances led to his departure, however, remain a bit murky – did he quit, or was he fired by Sharon Osbourne? Most importantly, is there still a chance he will be a part of the reunion and new album? Continue reading

Deftones’ Chi Cheng Continues Battle Back to Consciousness

Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng continues to defy the long odds in his slow but steady recovery from a 2008 car accident. (Photo Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Three years of being in a minimally conscious state have put Deftones bassist Chi Cheng in a state of limbo that his friends and family have been working to help him fight from. As documented on OneLoveforChi.com, the bassist has made an important breakthrough recently indicating he may be nearing a return to health soon. Continue reading

Slayer, Slipknot to Headline Rockstar Mayhem Festival. 7.25.12 at Blossom Music Center

They say this year's Mayhem Fest has its best lineup to date - with Slayer on the bill, that just may be the case... (Photo Courtesy of Live Nation)

The Rockstar Mayhem Fest is coming to Cleveland in the tour’s fifth year, for a show at Blossom Music Center on July 25. This year’s slate of performing bands is particularly promising, with thrash stalwarts Slayer and Anthrax amongst the headliners. Continue reading

[Recap + Setlist] Metallica 30th Anniversary Concert Series at the Fillmore – Mustaine, Newsted, and More!

Metallica reunited with former bassist Jason Newsted for their 30th Anniversary series last week at the Fillmore (Photo Credit: SF Weekly)

Thrash legends Metallica celebrated their 30th year as a band in style last week with four concerts at the Fillmore in San Fransisco. In attendance was nearly every notable living metal musician, many of whom joined the band on stage to help with certain songs, including a few completely unexpected surprises… Continue reading

Black Sabbath has Officially Reunited! – The Metalocalypse Approaches…

Black Sabbath Press Conference (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Ed. Note: This article was also featured on WNCX.com.

At the most metal moment of the century – 11.11.11 at 11:11:11 a.m., Black Sabbath officially announced what had been rumored for months – that the band is getting back together – for real this time! Continue reading

Ace Frehley Autobiography Due in Stores Next Week: Excerpts Now Available

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Ed. Note: this article was also featured on WNCX.com.

Ace Frehley, known as the “Spaceman” from his days (1972 – ’82, 1996 – ’02) as lead guitarist in the hard-rockin’ KISS, has completed work on his autobiography titled “No Regrets”, which is due to be released to bookstores nationwide on Nov. 1.  Publisher Simon & Schuster just released an excerpt of the tome to the public on their website. Continue reading